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            Burgundy has always been a favorite classic fall color. A warmer version of the classic Christmas red, burgundy can be paired as a nice statement or as an additive to your next fall ensemble.


            Ivory adds a clean feel to your outfit and is sported nicely with knitted textures. Add to soften up your look.


            Found on utility style jackets and a mimic of trees pre- autumn, olive green colors are very flattering to many different skin tones. Olive pairs nicely with light colors such as clean white tones.


            My all-time favorite, black, is always in, thanks to its slimming features and versatility. Black is very trendy on leather this fall. Use black to add edge or for a dressier look.


            Deep jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald, turquoise, and amethyst are hitting the runways this season. Jeweled accessories on necklaces and rings make nice editions to casual and dressy outfits.



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